As I sit outside my 2.5 year old daughter’s room with the door open as she tries to put herself to bed, I start to wonder…Is this normal? Is it normal that since she got a toddler bed (not by my choice, she jumped too many times) she doesn’t fall asleep without someone lying with her? That she still uses a pacifier? Is it normal that my 4.5 year old still sucks his thumb? Or cries at camp pick up 3 weeks in?

These are the things I sit and think about on a daily basis and I’m sure if you were all to get honest for a minute, you’re probably thinking this too. However for some reason us parents (moms, especially) are constantly feeling we need to pretend everything is fkn perfect. When you first lay eyes on your baby you are immediately supposed to fall in love. When your kids don’t sleep through the night you should cherish every waking moment with them and when your kid is being picked on at school, you’re supposed to be strong for them. Well guess what, many moms suffer from postpartum (myself included) and it’s not easy. And when your 3 month old isn’t sleeping at night you may want to throw them and yourself out the window. And when your kid isn’t being treated nicely, you may break down and cry because you feel helpless. But guess what…It’s all ok. It’s not possible to always be positive, and happy and strong all the while schlepping your kids to school, maintaining your home and ensuring your husband doesn’t come home to a miserable bitch. It’s hard and if we all admit it’s hard we can support each other instead of judge each other, because judging is for assholes.

Why am I telling you all this? Because this is what I plan on doing on this blog here. I am not a social worker, a sleep therapist, an OB or a life coach. I don’t have a degree or any major life skills really but I do have experience in motherhood and I plan to keep it real at all times. I hope you will follow me on this crazy journey called parenthood!

Stay Sane



  1. Thank god you made this blog I am not alone
    My mom ” it was so easy raising you three best time of my life.” Umm thanks for warning
    Keep posting Tali. No one keeps it real

    Liked by 1 person

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