I feel in order for you to truly invest in this journey with me you need to get to know myself and my family a little bit better. So lets take it from the top.

I was born in Johannesburg South Africa and moved to Great Neck NY when I was 4 years old with my parents and my 7 1/2 year old sister Liat. I kind of believe my path was already destined for me by being a Jewish girl growing up in an affluent town and I followed suit. I grew up being your typical Long Island girl, the fast crowd, captain of the cheerleading squad and full of non stop bitchy girl drama. While I had a very lucky upbringing and very grounded parents I unfortunately struggled with an eating disorder the majority of teen and early adult life. Whether it was non stop working out, starving myself, throwing up or binging till I would bust open, my life revolved around food. It wasn’t until after I graduated college from The University of Miami that I finally checked in to an in-patient rehab facility called Milestones In Recovery. My life was so unenjoyable and my friends, family and my self esteem was hurting so bad. It was time to get my eating disorder and life in check. There are a few people out there who helped push me to get help, you know who you are and I am ETERNALLY grateful for you. After  almost 2 months I left in-patient we decided it was best to live with my parents in Boca and continue out-patient treatment in a safe environment. It was all going well until my dad got a call from my sister in NY, she got news of a great apartment on the market from her old boss…Shai. My dad ever so generously said he would buy it for her under one condition, there was another apartment in the same building for me. Umm excuse me, Im quite happy living in Boca West with my mommy and daddy and having every meal taken care, laundry always done and my bathing suit on 365 days a year. I didn’t know why I was suddenly being evicted but the next thing I knew I was on a plane to NY to see this apartment. I remember walking in the apartment and looking at Shai and thinking, he’s kinda cute but holy shit this guy is old! I was 23 and he was 30, which at the time felt like he could be my dad. He tried to be cute and flirty with me but I wasn’t having it, not really my type no thanks. It wasn’t until weeks later when we went for a celebratory dinner that something clicked and I was oddly attracted to to this guy! I went back to his apartment and literally never left! The rest is history and 3 years later we were engaged and 1 year later we were married. On a side note for anyone still single and actually reading this, sometimes going out of your comfort zone and norm end up being the best decision of your life, so stop going for those loser douchey young guys…go for an older one instead 😉

Screen shot 2017-02-17 at 2.46.40 PM
That first dinner: Philippe 2007
wedding pic
August 26th 2010 Skylight Soho

A year and half later we find out I’m pregnant with our first child! It wasn’t a cake walk to get there but once I was there we were ecstatic. I convinced Shai to agree to not finding out the babies gender and let me tell, hands down the best surprise of our lives (we highly recommend it). Now we get to the kids…

preg pic
7 months pregnant with Jagger

My pregnancy with Jagger was a dream! No morning sickness, no major weight gain and aside from my acne I LOVED being pregnant. I was convinced that this baby would be an angel because they allowed me to enjoy the last 9 months and feel great during my pregnancy. However during my delivery this babe refused to come out. I pushed and pushed and no matter how much headway I made, this little fucker kept creeping back up. It got so bad that they needed a special nurse to come help physically push this child out. Now knowing Jagger we say he was literally clinging to my uterus in hopes of getting stuck in there forever. Jagger is now 4.10 as he says ,and is finally for the most part coming out of his raging asshole faze. Now I would love to blame him for being a spoiled, stubborn, needy child but unfortunately  Shai and I need to take ownership for this. Jagger is the epitome of a first child. Its his way or no way, everything needs to happen 10 minutes ago and if we’re in the same space you better believe he is trailing 2 steps behind me. Jagger and I spent an excessive amount of time together during his first 2 years and lets just say my mild postpartum depression and not stop anxiety pretty much doomed him.  Just kidding, but not really. While Jagger is my best friend, so sweet and affectionate, incredibly intelligent and an all around mamas boy, I know that my first time mom nerves and constant attention was a huge disservice to him and it is now my job to un- fuck him up.

And now to Jett, I don’t even know where to begin. She is a child like no one I’ve ever seen (or at least no one I thought I would ever raise). She is surrounded by boys between her brother and 2 cousins Ryder and Tyler so homegirl has a lot of male energy! She is wild, free spirited, so friendly, easy going and just a happy little girl. She will talk to a hole in the wall, will taste any food, has zero fear and and always open to try ANYTHING. Now I don’t know if this is just her disposition or because she was raised by our Philippino baby nurse for 11 months but whatever it is ill take it! Now don’t get me wrong, she is still a pain in the ass to get dressed, as she will ONLY wear the same blue f’ing dress everyday and if she’s pissed she will let you and the entire UES know.  She has also decided her new bed allows for constant freedom and roaming into our room at all hours of the night but sleep issues will be a whole other blog because right now The Shustiks are a hot mess.

I used to find myself wishing that Jagger would be a little more independent like Jett, or that Jett would be more cautious like Jagger but as they are getting older I see how their opposite personalities are actually so beneficial. Jett brings out Jaggers wild side and she encourages him to try new things and Jagger shows Jett what love and kindness is and is always teaching her new things. This is also true for Shai and I as we are POLAR OPPOSITES. Shai is organized, reserved, a very hard worker and meticulous with everything around him. I on the other hand am extremely chatty and friendly, am a walking tornado and known for starting and quitting anything and everything. As you can see our whole family is very different for the most part but we always try pick up our strengths, and use them when needed in dealing with our little monsters. While Shai and I may disagree on many things when it comes to raising our kids and often want to murder one another, we try always come back to being teammates and getting through each day on the same page and simply surviving one more day with toddlers.

kids together pic



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