So, rumor has it there was a solar eclipse and it was EPIC.  I know nothing about it because my family was preparing for the end of the world.  I woke up Wednesday morning and the first thing Shai said to me was – you know there’s a solar eclipse today and if you look directly at it you can go blind.  Not taking any chances here.  So at precisely 2:00 pm we hopped out of the pool and started our hibernation.  Jagger, Jett, Shai, my nanny Ludy, and myself sat in the middle of our beach house as far away from the windows as possible.  Shades were drawn while we sat doing puzzles with Jagger asking every 12 minutes if he’s going blind…for 2 damn hours.  I was absolutely shocked to later see on Instagram kids not only outside during the eclipse, but looking UP at the sun! This story truly sums up my family and all the anxiety that surrounds us.

To put it nicely, I would say Shai and I love a routine and thrive off schedules.  To put it frankly, I would say were uptight and psychotic.  I don’t like surprises and need to know what’s coming every minute of the day.  This is exactly why my kids are the way they are. Well, Jett could probably go either way, but her last name is Shustik so her path has been set.  I am and always have been an anxious person and it has negatively affected my life so much.  I often don’t enjoy the moment because I’m thinking of what will happen next instead of just being present.

To be honest, I don’t think I’m that crazy but as my sister sits beside me, as I write this blog, she reminds me how I went apeshit that dinner wasn’t almost ready at 4:40 last night. But in my defense, if they don’t eat dinner by 5:00 they will snack before, won’t eat their dinner, then refuse to be in the bath by 5:40 sharp, which means they aren’t in their rooms by 6:15 and if they don’t fall asleep by 6:45, they wake up earlier and are cranky all day, therefore, fucking up MY day.  So see, I have my reasons 🙂 And is it really that crazy to follow the camp bus an hour the first day to make sure Jagger is getting there safely? Or to pack our kids their own meal before going to people’s houses in case they don’t have Philadelphia cream cheese or bread without seeds? I prefer to think about it as being prepared and smart but the more I’m around other families I see it’s insane. When I’m coming home from dinner at 9:00 pm and I see small children out with their parents, I’m not gonna lie, I have a slight panic attack. Yet the truth is, I’m so jealous of how laid back these families are and the memories they are making.

Well after the kids had an epic meltdown at the beach in the beginning of the summer, we decided we needed to make changes and loosen up a bit, at least for the kid’s sake.  And while I can count on my one hand all wild and crazy things we did this summer I’m still proud we did them. What are they you ask? Well, one day we went to The Sands beach club and totally skipped Jett’s nap (wild I know). We also woke Jagger up in the middle of the night (aka 9:30) to see the fireworks on the 4th of July.  Which ps, mid show he kindly asked us not to wake him again the next time and asked to be put back to bed.  And the wildest yet was leaving our kids in the city for TWO whole days with sitters while we had a couples retreat in the Hamptons.  It was quite possibly the best weekend of my life, and that’s pretty sad.  While the summer is sadly coming to an end my goal for The Shustiks is to loosen up, let go of the schedules, stop bringing the kids dinner to birthday parties and just stop being so damn crazy!  Oh, and I just might let the kids go to bed past 7:30 one night, maybe.

I guess what I’m starting to realize is that kids need to be adaptable and life doesn’t always go as planned… I am going to start living in the moment and although I don’t think my family is ever going to be like the easy breezy families I see around me but we sure are going to try!



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