As the New Year approaches we all, myself included, start coming up with resolutions.  Every year I come up with resolutions like, only eat clean, go to be gym more, be more patient with my kids and be eternally grateful for all I have.  These are all great resolutions but a week in and I’m snorting cookie dough, yelling at my kids and feeling a general dislike for so many things in my life.  I then feel like shit that I “broke my New Years resolution” and feel like a complete failure.  This year I have decided to do things differently.  Even though it’s cliche to start over on New Years, and we should be improving our lives and ourselves every day, this still feels like a good time to start.  I have thought over all the different facets of my life and minor ways to improve them, or as I’m gonna call it…realistic resolutions.

Working out: I genuinely love to exercise and feel so much better when I do. But after being up so many times at night, or thinking about all the other things I “should” be doing, I often forfeit my workouts. My goal will be to take 45 minutes to MYSELF 3-4 times a week to clear my head, break a sweat and try to finally get a tight ass.

Diet: For the first time my goal is not going to be eating less sugar or fewer carbs but to start eating real food.  Shai and I order in at least 5 nights a week and it’s honestly gross.  Yes, it’s easier and somehow cheaper but my goal is to start cooking more.  It’s slightly difficult since I don’t eat meat or chicken and Shai doesn’t eat fish except for spicy tuna rolls from Gari, and my son hardly eats anything but I am going to get my hopefully soon tight ass into the kitchen and start making some home cooked meals (feel free to send healthy EASY recipes my way!).

As a wife:  This is an area that’s sadly a struggle for me with having small children.  In our home, our kids always come first and I think it’s becoming a problem.  Date nights often get missed due to exhaustion, quality alone time often gets interrupted and stressed out days often get taken out on my husband.  When I’m irritable or sleep deprived he’s the first one to get the wrath of me and I realize it isn’t fair.  My goal will be to treat him more kindly, make more alone time and even let him get some.

As a business owner:  When my sister and I opened The Playroom NYC almost 3 years ago I was in it to win it.  I was there every day during the buildout, designing the space, creating classes and designing birthdays.  My sister knew I couldn’t give as much as she could being that I gave birth to Jett 3 weeks before we opened, but as the years went by I started doing less and less and leaning on my sister to do the heavy lifting.  It’s gotten to the point that I almost don’t know what my role is anymore and I sometimes feel lost at work.  My goal for the new year will be to put more effort and energy into this amazing place I helped build and take my ownership back.

Sleep:  Most parents resolution would be to go sleep at a more reasonable hour but that is definitely not my issue.  Most nights I’m in bed by 9:30 struggling to keep my eyes open.  My problem is that I have been sharing a bed with Jagger for almost a year now.  It wouldn’t bother me as much if it were my bed we were sharing but he calls me in EVERY NIGHT to come sleep with him and I’m usually too tired fight.  I’m truly conflicted about this because I slept in my parent’s bed till well into adolescence and I had such comfort being in bed with them, but at the same time, I feel this is unhealthy.  I want him to know he can do it, and I also want to sleep without a tiny human sharing my pillow.

Self-care:  Sure I want to get more massages and facials and weekly manicures but time is not something I have that much of.  So my realistic resolution is to get more botox.  I know that sounds fkn insane, but the one time I got it I felt so much better about myself.  You can judge me all you want but if filling my face with some good old botulism makes me feel young again, I’m gonna start doing it more often and not feeling guilty about it.

With Jagger: I feel like he has made such progress this year and while I’m incredibly proud of him there is always room to grow.  My goal for Jagger this year is to become more independent (something he really struggles with), learn to stand up for himself and to stop wearing a nighttime pull up 🙂

With Jett:  I’m sure I’m jinxing myself but Jett is really a dream child and doesn’t have to change in any way…kidding (kind of).  My goal is to spend more time with her and it makes me sad to write this.  While we were away she constantly wanted to be with me and it made me realize how much she needs her mama.  I am always so busy with Jagger that she often gets looked past and its time for me to step in.  My goal is to take her to dance class every week and spend one weekend afternoon alone with her.  Oh yeah, and to get rid of her goddam paci!

With the Lord (aka my nanny):  She has been with us since the day Jett was born and has become family, or as we like to call her Jett’s sister. She is amazing with Jett and loves her so much but she is pretty much just Jett’s nanny. Jagger is always with me after school and this year that needs to change.  I always felt guilty having my kids have to miss out on playdates or activities because she is with both of them but I’m starting to learn that it’s ok and for my sanity, I cant be with Jagger ALL the time.  So Lord, buckle up honey, you’re about to officially become a nanny of 2.

And lastly, Self-love:  Giving ourselves credit is one of the hardest things we can do.  As women and as mothers we are always putting ourselves and our parenting down.  When is the last time you thought to yourself…I’m a damn good mom, probably never and that makes me sad.  I’m constantly doubting my parenting skills and to be honest my life skills. I could have done that better, I should have been more present, why did I allow that to happen and so on.  We get in our heads and make ourselves feel like shit.  Well this year, I am going to remind myself every day of something great that I did and for once give myself the credit I deserve. Oh and treat myself to some more botox, because a little botulism goes a long way.

So there it is my realistic resolutions for 2018.  I may not be able to follow through on all of these but I’m going to do my best, and at the end of the day, that’s really all I can do.

Wish me luck!!

Happy and Healthy New Year to you all!

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